Sunday, April 01, 2007

one for the anecdote file

thought my pastor-type friends out there would appreciate this. probably one of the greatest stories i've heard in a sermon. plus there's a mild obscenity in it and that makes me laugh.
referring to our flawed natures and how God is now residing in his people and no longer the temple, one of mark's favorite conversations with his youngest son sam was when he was five or so. the two of them were looking at a book cover that had a picture of jesus riding on a donkey. sam was looking thoughtfully at the picture, tracing jesus with his hand and then he put his hand to his chest and said, "you know, jesus live in my heart." mark said, "that's exactly right, sam," heart appropriately warmed at his son's faith. then sam asks, still looking at the picture and his hand on his chest "but where is the donkey?" and mark responds wryly, "trust me, sam, the ass is in there. it's close, right in there with jesus."
a good reminder at the beginning of holy week. may this week be rich in blessing and celebration.

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... Mark said...

Audrey, that is absolutely, absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get in a conversation where I can pawn it off as my own story. Of course, then I'll also have to make up a saga about having a secret son, and a prior life where my name was Mark. Happy Easter.