Monday, April 30, 2007

rush, rush

my schedule of the past week has changed and it's been tiring. learning how to pace myself. four shifts of work, plus this memoir class, a morning of office work, and an afternoon of tutoring. i've been free/unemployed for a while, it's been a bit of an adjustment for me. hence the lack of blogging.

tonight my church (along with 2 others) hosted a time of worship surrounding those who are living in in a form of slavery today. that's 27 million people. that's 27 million people too many. for more info see it's challenging stuff.

trivia: props to the person who can name who had an important cameo in the video of the song that is in the blog title. please name the cameo person, the singer, and what film the video references.

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Katie S Brown said...

Keanu Reeves, Paula Abdul, Rebel Without a Cause