Monday, April 16, 2007

doin' stuff

time it took me to get lonely while housesitting: 3 days (after exulting in having a whole house to myself).
time it took for me to wish i was housesitting again, upon returning to my parents' house: 30 seconds.

in other news: i recently learned of a writer/arts co-op in the city. it sounded like a cool community of writers, sharing in office space, encouragement and basic neuroses. i checked things out a "meet the teachers" night - they offer a few workshops. after the copyediting class fiasco, i was a little wary of taking another class.

i was pleasantly surprised though (there was free wine and cheese!). it was inspiring to meet people that actually wrote for a living and other aspiring writers. i chatted with a few different people, talked about what i studied at regent, and it didn't seem to faze them, which i found refreshing. at least they didn't look at me perplexedly and ask why i wasn't working at a church (the usual response).

i think i was sold when one writer, julia, held up a Salt & Pepper Flavored Krinkle Cut Kettle Potato chip and declared, "these chips taste excatly like KFC mashed potatoes and their gravy." because she was right - i had eaten these chips before, wondered what they tasted like and never was able to put a finger on it. this was the most awesome thing i had heard in a while.

after some thought, i've decided to take the class she is teaching about writing a memoir - based on other factors besides the potato chip comment (note the flecks of pepper in the gravy!). i just borrowed her memoir from the library. i'll let you know how it is (the book and the class). i think this will help me have some accountability to write as well as get some constructive criticism, learn more about the publishing world and just be with other creative peopel. and maybe eat more potato chips. preferably more free wine.


vanishingword said...

You know, they really do taste good!

Katie S Brown said...

that's awesome aud...hope that this all works out. seems like a great opportunity to grow and learn and move forward.