Monday, April 23, 2007

a little help?

i keep getting email reminders that i owe $2 in overdue fines to the woodward library at UBC. these were incurred over a year ago. i wouldn't really care (though i do hate things hanging over my head) because i don't go to school there anymore. but i'm annoyed i keep getting these emails. any vancouver friends want to help me out? it's only a toonie! i will send you 2 crisp american dollar bills for your trouble.


Jane said...

i can do this aud. i'm not on campus that often but i'm sure i can get there soon. do i need your number?

Katie S Brown said...

I could do it as well, as I work right by there. Koerner? For some reason I didn't see this blog post until today. If Jane hasn't done it yet, let me know what I need in order to pay this :)