Monday, April 09, 2007

the mundanity of it all

if you've been wondering where i've been, i've been house-sitting and taking care of two dogs that snore really loud and throwing a tennis ball for them over and over and over again. other than that, i've been working which has it's own little subculture of oddities. i've heard a co-worker's coming out story in brief; seen another come in totally high (this is not a job that requires a lot of higher brain function, obviously); been jokingly charged a five dollars by another for my hand accidently brushing his butt in the crowded kitchen; geeked out with a chef about fantasy baseball and discovered the wondrous taste of the cara cara navel orange (a cross of an orange and grapefruit). and there's all the sorts of work office drama/sniping/power dynamic that you'd find anywhere else. the yuppies here drop a lot of money for the adjective "organic." kind of makes me wish i worked on commission. it bums me out that fresh food here is deemed a luxury, when it doesn't really have to be that way at all.

in having some shape to my schedule these days, i am trying to shape the time i have outside of work. trying to get the ball rolling on writing opportunities, finding a community of other writers to catch a spark from or commiserate with. i'm not used to being my own boss. small steps... the other night i bought a cheap desk off of craigslist, so that's a start.

been thinking about easter; will probably share those thoughts in a future blog post.

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