Sunday, April 22, 2007


today i found out through a coworker that a manager had been observing me at work and told him that that i didn't smile enough and wasn't friendly to customers. now, this is a rap that i've gotten before (in different settings), and it's kind of true. i'm a kind lowkey person, it's not that i'm not friendly or that i'm grumpy. i think it's also because it's so busy there and i'm still learning things that i get pretty intent on what i am doing. i know that it's something i usually have to work on. but i also think i have done a good job so far keeping things clean and looking good for the customers, and i work hard, which i think is are equally important parts of my job and should also be taken into account.

(in retrospect: perhaps it didn't help that i was talking about the "this american life" podcast i listened to where they conduct a experiment about if you got more or less tips by being an aloof waitress. i remember her not looking amused. stupid move on my part. but would you really think i would try that? no)

the main bummer is that i had to find out through my coworker. apparently this manager spoke to both of my coworkers but not me. that's what irks me the most, really. how am i supposed to change if i don't hear about it?

my two coworkers kept making frowny faces at me all afternoon, so at least someone was amused.

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Katie S Brown said...

grrr to customer service jobs. But someone's gotta do it and I can consent that you are indeed a hard worker and they are all lucky to get to work with you cause you are just so much fun!