Tuesday, May 01, 2007


went to my second writing class tonight. it was good. learning a lot about storytelling and memoir. tonight my writing was critiqued in class; since i had stuff written already i figured i'd get it over with. it was helpful in getting at a more focused theme which my writing can fit under. i'd felt like what i'd written before covered a lot of different things. of course, writing about my life again means visiting some awkward/painful times again, and i'm not all that excited about that. i am drawn to it at the same time. i've read two memoirs concerning lives that were much more harrowing than mine, and i hardly can imagine how they were able to survive the retelling of their stories. memory is a strange living thing. that all being said, we agreed in the frst class that no one really wants to read about how perfect and normal someone is.

on another note, i remember graduating from regent a year ago. a hearty congrats to my friends that just graduated! way to survive a graduate program and let God change your lives. i can't believe it's been a year since i graduated myself. i can't say that it's been particularly easy. but then school wasn't really, either. there's a whole lot of good stuff in with the hard stuff too.

i'm tired - being busy is still new to me. work has been going without further incident. i feel like i've got a schtick down. me a sales person - ha! but i trot out my little jokes, try to smile a lot and be helpful. anyway, it's an interesting study of people. we'll see how long before i go nuts.

also, friends, i'll be housesitting in july for a 2 weeks. come visit. really!

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