Saturday, May 19, 2007

many irons in the fire...

working 6 days in a row to get time off to attend the heckel-chapman wedding next weekend. for those not in the know, i'm in vancouver from thursday to early monday morning. sorry for not more advance warning.

several extended family members are crashing at my house for the weekend for my cousin's graduation from law school. the first i heard about it was 4 days ago. it's crowded; and someone thought it would be fun to try out my brother's drums at 1:30 in the morning.

i have pages due for critique on tuesday. i'm starting to wonder how my story can fit in the genre of memoir; questions of theme and structure and self-doubt plague me. what compels me to keep writing? the sheer fun of it all? i am a masochist.

in the middle of discussions about a youth ministry opportunity at my church. the more i think about it, the more i want to do it, and the more i agonize in the slow process. but it is good.

people! you know how much i love sleep! it doesn't look like i'll get much in the next few days. i look forward to the change of scenery, kicking back and hoisting a frosty beverage with many of you and catching up.


Annalese said...

hey, so that's great you're up for the weekend. i won't be at the wedding but it'd still be fun to see you... you can get in touch with me at 604-676-1710. (i'm not at the big house anymore)

Anonymous said...


Yo, youse gotta bring Time-Splitters with you so we can shoot ourselves some muthafuckin' zombies. Muthafucka!

Daner is in, I'm in, what more do you need?

Also, I'm sick as a dog right now, hopped up on caffeine and cold meds, and working an overnight shift (i.e. I take no responsibility for the content of this comment).

Much love,