Monday, May 21, 2007

tired and cranky

jobs with relatively low responsibilty have two edges to them: on one hand you don't have to care too much (unless you're me and have a streak of perfectionism/ generally have a pretty good work ethic); on the other hand there are several layers of management above that get to boss you around (and i would prefer if people asked nicely). throw in nutty customers; helping new coworkers and the alarm clock not going off in the morning and having to rush to work - and you got yourself a pretty draining day.

i'm already one of the more senior staff. praying for a way out of this situation. even if the church job doesn't pay much (which has not been discussed yet, still to early for that); it's got other benefits to it that i would find much more preferable. first one being that my feet wouldn't kill me at the end of the day. what the heck? i sound old. i'll be talking about the condition of my bunions next. for the record: i do not have bunions, nor do i know what they are exactly beyond that they are on your feet and they are painful.

at church last night, we've been talking about the concept of family. it's been quite good actually. last night our pastor posed an interesting thought: that in american culture, we are about the "avoidance of particularity." rather than being in a relationship with a particular person, we are more dealing with ideals, and about "collecting" a series of relationships - say multiple marriages, or similar relationships, say, church-hopping, for instance. i think of the rootlessness and sense of being transitory that plagues our generation. the idea of being connected committed to a particular community or particular person for the long-term is something we shy away from. whereas, God always reveals himself in the best ways to people in his particularity - as Yahweh, the God of the Jews, as Jesus, a particular human being, and not as a mysterious and distant deity. that's not totally verbatim, just what my tired brain can recollect. but the concept of "avoidance of particularity" is something that i'll be mulling over - i haven't thought of it that way before.

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