Friday, May 11, 2007

tripping along

the mundane: my feet hurt. i stand on cement most of the day. i need better shoes. there's been a lot of turnover, staff-wise at my job. so instead of being part-time, i have a full slate of shifts each week. having a 5 day work week again takes some getting used to. all those with regular jobs reading this just cursed me out. it's okay, that's what i would do too.

the thought provoking: i watched hotel rwanda the other night. i felt sick to my stomach, similar to when i read jesus land. injustice and abuse on an individual or a large scale is hard to witness. i wonder how and why these things happen. perhaps god should just send a flood again and try something else. i know that's a harsh thought; i don't dare to assume i'd make it onto the ark. i just wonder what god's up to in the midst of all this. i realize that it's not so hard to see why my teacher should pitch religion altogether; it's difficult to have faith. and somehow i still chose to.

the down low: there may be an opportunity to work in youth ministry again. still too early to say, but it looks promising and i am intrigued. it has been easy for me to forget that this situation i have been in for the past year is temporary and largely in-between. and now the chance to be somewhere for a good length of time doing something i love is exciting and highlighted again this state of limbo. so if you remember, please pray.

also: if your a NPR nerd, last week's this american life broadcast was about the ten commandments. it spans the poignant, the quirky and everything in between. check it.


Lara said...

NPR nerds unite! I will "check it," it's already on my podcast, I'm sure.

Daniel Ray said...

NPR nerds unite..

That was good but did you check this week's episode of TAL about John Spiegel and the crazy changing of the APA's language on homosexuality.

Very interesting. I love TAL

p.s. Hi Laura!