Saturday, May 26, 2007

chicken or egg

is vancouver awesome because the people here are great, or are the people here so great because vancouver is awesome? both?


dan said...

Vancouver is awesome because I am totally awesome. In fact, some people of taken to calling this city "Dancouver." Word? Word!

Katie S Brown said...

I think the people are pretty awesome ;) Thanks for the surprise visit the other day!!!!! Miss you already!

Jeff said...

ha! you fools! the real question is what type of egg Vancouver is. it's at least a fat one. perhaps an ostridge egg. Large and one that produces a bird that doesn't fly, but runs fast and makes an exotic burger. not to mention the head-sand thing.
but seriously. how many native Vancouverites have we met? even just on the bus or at church, (Regent is not real) Most are from Ontario. Percentage? I'm guessing... 27% i think people move there and develop their alter-egos. that's why they're so cool!