Thursday, March 22, 2007


i've been here in california now for about 8 months. time passes strangely - quickly and slowly at the same time. sometimes i feel like an oddball in this setting, wanting to escape cloying suburbia. (of course where would i go is the real question. the more pressing question is what would i do) and other times...

other times i am playing in the backyard in the late afternoon with my friends kids. we pick lemons from their tree, and take turns hiding them, practice for the easter egg hunt. the kids can't keep secrets for very long, and end up whispering the lemon locations to each other. we laugh a lot. and there isn't really any other place i'd want to be.


Lara said...

I want to have a lemon hunt with you, that sounds fun!!

mojo said...

yes! and lemons are better for you than eggs. sienna would love it.

i took my brother out to breakfast and i tried the eggs benedict at the restaurant. i think the hollandaise sauce was really just melted butter. i feel sick.