Friday, March 30, 2007

blankety blank

not sure what to write about the last few days. finishing off my set of work shifts was kind of a blur, because i was tired and sick feeling. it's good to have my brother around. we eat a lot of food - i've used my employee meal discount at my job three times this week. hard to turn down the good food when it's so inexpensive. we went big - appetizers, entrees, dessert. i'm going to be 400 pounds by the time i finish this job, whenever that may be.

friends across the interweb are buying themselves fun shoes. i feel the urge to consume also. time for some new kicks.

i find myself unmotivated to sit down and write (besides on this blog). it's a similar feeling to when i try to go running again after i haven't for a long time - burning lungs, sore muscles, general miserable feeling. only since it's writing i only get the general miserable feeling. well, my brain hurts, so that counts as a sore muscle. trying not to beat myself up about it. just gotta keep making time to write, just like you gotta keep running.


Lara said...

Or just like you gotta keep letting Billy kick your butt. I happen to know he's got some inspirational cd's maybe he could help you with your writing. Let me know if you want me to look into getting one for you....

mojo said...

only if there's an amplifier included.