Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in between

i'm inhabiting the grey area between being sick and being well. sick enough to not feel great, but well enough that i am kind of annoyed that i don't feel good. you know?

i'm tempted to just push through it, but i know that doesn't usually work. i did that on saturday with my brother in our zeal to go to the grilled cheese invitational, but by the time we both got moving, it was mostly over when we cruised past it. yes, we love things like grilled cheese invitationals. we strolled around the mission district and i went home. then i slept through sunday. really, like the whole day. i mean, i like sleeping A LOT. but this was excessive - only when i am under the weather do i really sleep this much. i guess it rained the whole day so i don't think i missed anything. oh, the oscars... but i'm okay with not seeing that. although i'd actually seen some of the movies up for awards this year, so i wouldn't have felt so out of it as i did last year. i confess that i have a tiny crush on the dude from slumdog millionaire (the main contestant guy, not the game show host, come on people) even if he is far too young for me (me? cougar? nah!). it must be his mind for trivia as well as his boyish good looks. haha!

lights of hope on the horizon: phone interview friday. buddy putting in a good word for me at tj's. hoping for a tax refund. barack obama correctly pronouncing multisyllabic words correctly in his speech to congress. spring training has started.

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