Saturday, February 07, 2009

whole shack shimmy

the karaoke trifecta was completed on monday night. this time it was "love shack" as you can guess from the title. going to karaoke three nights in a row was kind of a blur (not to mention that we stayed 'til closing at each one). i have tried to lay low since then. a mellow weekend was right up my alley.

in the never-ending search for a job... i have now applied to trader joe's. a buddy of my brother works at one. it's all in who you know right? i also applied for a job at the place i've been volunteering in the city. being a program assistant, helping homeless and low income people with how to use computer and find jobs. hm... perhaps i should have been taking advantage of this service myself. anyway, i'd really love to work there, so prayers would be appreciated.

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