Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lenten considerations

okay... so it's lent. i will attempt to journal/blog each day. writing is a discipline i have long neglected. and i considered giving up some things, coffee, meat, etc. and then this occurred to me... to take up the pen/keyboard again and it felt right. we'll see...

helped serve at the ash wednesday tonight. part of the service involved the tearing of cloth, a sign of mourning. a few of us were to drape the cloth around people necks as they came into the church. we were also to say "the god of grace knows the depth of your sin" as we did so. can't say i was totally thrilled to find out that detail when i got there, regardless of my resolve to be extroverted this year. been feeling a bit under the weather. but i managed to foist most of the duties onto an eager junior higher. we chuckled together at how awkward this face to face interaction was for people, as they dashed in from their hectic day and came to worship. people tried to walk past us quickly, or tried to take the cloth out of my hand. of course, hearing the words "the god of grace knows the depth of your sin" would be enough for me to turn around and walk right back out the door - that fact gives me the heebie jeebies a little bit. but it made me kind of wish that every sunday, a person was greeted by another person with eye contact made, heartfelt greetings exchanged (beyond handing someone a bulletin), and the doors thrown open wide for all us broke down sinners to come in.

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