Sunday, December 03, 2006

happy advent

i went to church tonight for the first time in a while. i'd been stuck working the sunday night shift, so quitting solved that problem quite nicely (though i continue to work for them on a very part-time basis). it was wonderful to be there. i look forward to getting more settled and connected.

after the weekly community dinner, we celebrated the beginning of advent with the annual "hanging of the greens," a night of christmas choral music. choirs of all ages performed, and also led the congregation in caroling. it was so so so much fun, the perfect way to begin the advent season. the 12-part audience/choir participatory rendition of the 12 days of christmas is awesome.

oh, and God? if you ever read my blog, i really really hope there are kids choirs all over the place in heaven because they are one of my most favorite hilarious things to watch on this earth. plus small children dancing around in the aisles, jumping and spinning until they are dizzy and almost falling over is endlessly entertaining.
the approximate composition of your average children's choir, ages 5-8:
the one kid with a tie, whose shirt defies the physical laws of being tucked in
one or two smart alec kids that are either waving their arms in the air or singing in funny voices
3-4 that aren't paying attention
2-3 that are shell shocked from being in front of so many people
1-3 kids that are hamming it up waving at their parents
4 kids that are totally focused on the teacher and singing their hearts out
pretty much one of my favorite occurrences at church

at the reception afterward, i engaged small children in awkward conversation when i complimented them on their singing. basically i ask them questions that progressively get more outlandish and preposterous until they either smile or run away. it's as funny as you would guess it to be. and if you don't think it's funny then why are you friends with me?

on another note, i am heading north tomorrow. seattle and vancouver, here i come. woohoo!

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audrey's friend said...

it's definitely funny. don't forget the little girl who managed to get her dress up over her head (: