Friday, December 22, 2006


man, i hate christmas shopping. a lot.
though i waited things out today, and braved it at about 7. wasn't too bad. and i'm done, so that is a load off my mind.
so, christmas shopping in the evening isn't so bad, but christmas food shopping at safeway in the evening sucks. everyone is loading up for bear. we're talking 50 items or more.

the interview went pretty well. i liked the 5(!) people that interviewed me. we talked for an hour and half, and i didn't feel totally drained afterward, so that was good. i like what they're doing. of course, as i think back over the conversation, i do the inevitable editing and revising of my answers. better to just let it be. it would be cool to work in the city. suburban life is quiet, and feels far away from things of substance. we'll see how things turn out.

also, it was quite miraculous that i was able to sustain such a long conversation. i couldn't talk at all on friday. after five days of practicing the discipline of silence for a few days and getting sick of rooibos tea, my voice had mostly recovered. i'm still a little hoarse, but it's not such a big deal anymore.

i'm hosting a camp christmas reunion party tomorrow night. i don't know how that happened, really. i'm not someone who really thrives on inviting a ton of people i don't know very well into my house. but the chance to practice some hospitality is something i'm looking forward too. and it'll be good to catch up with a few friends i haven't seen in a long long time.

super boring post. i find myself wanting to go into hibernation.

p.s. i wish i was hanging out in a smoky st. louis hotel bar listening to a blind old man play christmas classics while drinking some mysterious bartender's concoction with pals like i was 'bout this time last year.


Anonymous said...

hey aud... you + kids you can be sarcastic with, yet loving + t-shirt logos + cafes = awesome placement for Audrey. Hope it works out. Love you. Merry Christmas.

Jen R. said...

Audrey! Merry christmas! We just went to the Cheshire for our anniversary and sat in that smokey little bar and listened to Bill Benson play, it was so classic, this woman with a turtle neck jumped up and grabbed a mic and sang jingle bells... we laughed and drank lots and missed you all! The place hasn't changed a bit (probably hasn't for the last 50 years) the same christmas decorations, the bear, the blind guy, and paintings titled "out for a scamper" are all waiting for you in good 'ol St. Louie.