Tuesday, December 12, 2006

snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity

I'd have posted sooner, for all my vancouver demographic, but it appears that a week of extroversion has given me a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold. thus i have slept for 11-12 hour stretches of time for the last two nights. i think it's working.

two occurrences of note on my way back to southern climes:
1) at the seattle airport, the security lady at the metal detectors seemed VERY skeptical of whether or not i was actually the same person as in my passport photograph. seeing as the picture is about 9 years old, i guess i could see her point. all i could say was, "i have more hair now." and she added, "yes, and you are wearing spectacles but you aren't in the picture." (who says spectacles now? people who wear bifocals?) this exchange followed by an awkward silence as she continued to look at me and then look down at my passport. there wasn't really anything else i could say, so i just stood there and tried to look non-terrorist like.

has anyone seen the movie "the jackal"? it's a really awful movie with richard gere and bruce willis as the assassin "the jackal." basically he wears a variety of really bad hairpieces and fake facial hair because he is a "master of disguise." is that what this woman was wondering about me? i mean, i know i don't have a particularly nice passport photo, but come on.

2) while i waited at the curb for my brothers to pick me up, i saw this guy, who i consider to be the ugliest man in baseball. he's scary! add to that, he is enormous. i cowered by my suitcase.

as for my sojourn in vancouver and seattle, it did my heart much good to see many loved faces, have many good conversations and be in familiar surroundings. i haven't laughed that hard in a while. the only hard thing is that it wasn't enough time. it's never enough. sigh. i long for the day that there are no more goodbyes.

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