Thursday, December 28, 2006


been resting up after our annual christmas extravaganza. my family rocks hard. for the last few days, i thought the lack of sleep had triggered a relapse of my cold. i was feeling a tad bitter about that. fortunately, copious amounts of vitamin c and law and order episodes seem to have cured me.

i was able to try out the nintendo wii while we were in carlsbad - it is pretty entertaining. engaged in a little 5 on 5 playground ball with my cousins on christmas day. actually it was more like we were attacking each other and sometimes we shot the basketball. i've to the bruises to prove it. still and all, it was a good time. here's our team photos. believe it or not, this is just a small fraction of my cousins, and we were able to play 5 on 5 basketball. we could play baseball with a full 9 players on each side if we wanted.

now i'm watching my brothers play video games (currently as storm troopers in star wars: battlefront. i got next game). good lazy holiday activities.

i went to my first party since i moved back to the bay. last week, it was a christmas party. i thought it to be a landmark occasion. it was at a new friend's house in oakland. there is nothing quite so daunting as walking in (by yourself) to a party, looking around the room and not knowing a soul. that would have been a good night to have a party buddy. i pressed on though and eked out some good conversations. if only to prove to myself that i can make small talk with total strangers.

the christmas camp reunion party, held at my house was all right. after inviting 6 summers worth of counselors, a small fraction of them showed up. that was fine because if everyone came there would have been about 200 people. since i only worked one summer, i knew about 6 people out of the 20 that came. it was good to revive some old jokes, and relive some old memories.

so much extroversion! it's quite unlike me. i suppose the last few days of not leaving my house have made up for that.

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