Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy 2007

december has not been a good month for me, health-wise. after a bad cold and laryngitis, i just spent the night getting blindsided by a stomach bug or food poisoning. puking = not my idea of a way to pass a night. i'm tired and i feel like i'm one big rusty hinge. doesn't look like i'll be doing too much celebrating tonight.


here's hoping the upcoming year has better stuff in store for all.


Lara said...

Dude, I spent the night puking last night too, what's up with that? I didn't even get a drunk or anything! At least I didn't have to feel so bad for the three cookies i ate.....

Jen R. said...

oh wow, i too have been sick in bed the last 3 days with a terrible cold/flu. I was so sad thinking I was the only person in bed on New Year's eve-- but atleast misery has company!

Get well soon lara and audrey!
hapy 2007 is on the way,

mojo said...

yes, misery has company. i drank some gatorade and had chicken and stars soup for my new year's eve meal. campell's chicken and stars soup makes me feel about 10 years old again and is good comfort food.

joel osteen said...

Dude. Don't diss my boardgame.

What, you though I wouldn't notice? Anyway, you three sound like you all need prayer. In fact, I'm going to make a note to put a new space on my proposed 2008 version: "Take Five! Five minutes, that is, to pray for our fallen sisters, Audrey, Lara and Jen, God bless their sin-sick souls. Skip one turn!"

Meanwhile, blessings in 2007. And seriously. Don't diss my boardgame. Hey, are your comments working or what? My time is valuable, you know. Ok. Whatever. Blessings.