Monday, January 01, 2007


i have reached law and order saturation. i know, some of you out there think that can't possibly happen, but oh it can. plus watching all that advertising can't possibly be good for me. but i did learn that k-fed is wrestling john cena on wwf raw tonight. i kind of want to watch that because i think that guy has needed a beat down for a really long time.

i feel pretty okay again and really needed to escape my house today. so i loitered around borders books for a while. all these books that i'd love to buy but lack the cash flow. then i saw the board game version of joel osteen's "your best life now." man, i hate that guy. if you lose in the game, that must obviously mean you don't have enought faith in God or that you have some hidden sin God is punishing you for.


Goran & Eames said...

It's $1.00!! ....Buffalo sauce...for a buck...

(aren't you sick of that commerical too)

at least there were NEW episodes on tonight

mojo said...

i had to google "goran and eames" to figure out who this was. i remain a steadfast law and order original junkie. none of this spinoff junk.

and i have to admit that i am a little bit curious to try the buffalo snacker. however, the $1 price tag is putting me off. there ain't no good chicken you can get for a dollar. plus, jeff got me hooked on the real deal buffalo sauce from buffalo.

it's more the endless brand name medical commercials that i'm so annoyed with. and kia ad where the sales people are singing "so long, farewell" from the sound of music.