Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mom, this gravy tastes better than God's sweat!

listening to the rain beat down on the roof and sufjan's michigan album. both are a balm to the ears. the music also makes me think of the various people i associate with michigan - a rowdy bunch, let me tell you. it also makes me reflect on the past few months and glad that i chose to stay in california or, say no! to michigan, as it were. not that there's anything wrong with the great state, it just wasn't the right timing.

of course there's been a crazy stretch of cold weather here. cold temperatures and clear skies - made me wish for the insulating clouds of vancouver. ah-nuld has declared a state of emergency in the agricultural counties. the damage has been pretty bad. look out for the increase in cost of produce.

the second interview is on friday. i'm not really nervous. i guess i'm learning what's in my control and what's not. i can give the best interview i can, but the decision is out of my hands. in fact, i am interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me. and i am confident in finding work. well, right now, i'm very motivated as the studentt loan payments loom over my head. eugh. perhaps i will not be escaping my parents home as soon as i would like. which is unfortunate. lately, it has been chafing.

tomorrow i volunteer at the food bank, hopefully people will talk to me this time. then in the evening, a neighboring church to mine is hosting these authors/photographers talk about their book. "In Hungry Planet: What the World Eats the creative team behind the best-selling Material World books, Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio, present a photographic study of families from around the world, revealing what people eat during the course of one week’s time."

here's hoping this energy i am feeling will not fade soon.


Dan Ray said...

I'm confused about Sufjan Stevens. Help me understand why he's good??

simpsons season 7,8, and 9 out on dvd

7 is really funny. REALLY FUNNY

Lara said...

I agree with Dan, although he went to Hope and is friends with a friend (only two degrees there) i just don't get him, even the Michigan album. Ahem, Michigan may be cold, but can we just say Yes! in the future, even if we're only going to visit. No! seems so decisive, like you'll never go again. :(

Jen R. said...

I must say yes to Michigan and Sufjan! Three reasons why:
1. Creative instrumentally
2. Amazing Lyrically
3. Dreamy voice (and he don't look too bad neither)

Daniel Ray said...

I think that this world is going to just have to be divided on Sufjan. Some people absolutely love him and others don't get it (myself). So It must be a style thing.

Also have to say no to michigan at least this time of year, but I lived there when I was a kid.