Sunday, January 14, 2007

ice cream sunday

no trip to the pub, but an after-church trip to the best local ice cream parlor is pretty damn good. i had a root beer float, so i guess that's close enough. plus, the most articulate 10 year old i've ever met was part of the company. at different points we debated linguistic nuances, how to cheat at legoland, and is it really opposite day when you say it's opposite day because then that would mean then it's not really opposite day.

also, something that is unexpectedly funny: infants wearing sweater vests. you'll understand when you actually see it for yourself. said baby's dad also alerted me to the existence of Cordarounds. horizontal corduroys. eh? eh? how about that?! hilarious. and yet... strangely alluring.

the class on ethnic reconciliation looks like it will be very good. raising good and hard questions that will hopefully provoke some discussion. i have really appreciated the ways we are encouraged to learn and grow at this church. making more inroads with people and gettin to know them. sunday is my most socially active day of the week. i'm quite tired, but it feels good.

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