Saturday, January 27, 2007

"I've been going to Bible classes. They're teaching me to be more judgmental." Maude Flanders

this morning i went to a networking thing at a local church. it's one of their outreach ministries, and i think it's quite a good thing for this particular social setting. they meet saturday mornings consisting of unemployed people, employed people trying to change careers, recruiters and such. there's a sharing time of progress made through the week, question and answer time, a guest speaker on some job related topic and of course the requisite coffee and tea at church meetings. i was impressed. seem like an important ministry in suburbia, supplying community and help during the difficult job search. i was the youngest person there, besides the guest speaker, an HR exec-type for mervyn's. i don't know if it will turn up anything, but it couldn't hurt. i'll probably go again. it helps to know you aren't the only person that doesn't have a job, and to realize that you actually are qualified for employment.

last night i watched good night and good luck and last week, rabbit proof fence. both excellent movies. rent them from your local library today.

also, the recruiter or whatever he is from my brother's staffing agency contacted me yesterday. he refers to himself as "JC" his initials. i suppose to anyone that isn't a christian that's not weird to do so, as it is, I find it a little odd. it reminds me of owen wilson being the cheesy christian ex-boyfriend from "meet the parents."

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