Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it tastes like burning!

once in a long while i get bodyslammed by a case of heartburn. i didn't even eat anything spicy. i feel awful, like i'm disintegrating on the inside. or someone punched me in the sternum a bunch of times. hard to concentrate on anything when i feel like this. augh. i'm going to bed early. definitely the lowlight.

the highlight of today was volunteering to sort book donations for the annual church book sale. i hung out with some sweet old ladies, scored a cheap lunch, and got to pick out a free book for my services. i found a copy of of amusing ourselves to death which i was rather pleased to find under a truly enormous pile of books. if i keep helping until the sale, i'll get to pick out more free books, as well as scope out more of the book selection.

hope the heart stops burning tomorrow. stupid stomach acids.

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