Sunday, January 21, 2007

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man"

i haven't written, not becuase i have not had anything to say, but that i have had too much to say. an embarrassment of riches, i suppose.

of most recent interest - colts rule! i am rather partial to peyton manning as of late because he was the rock of my championship fantasy football team. (that's right, i won the baseball AND football leagues this year. i am awesome.) my brother was texting me the scores during church. once church was over, i tried to entice people into going to the pub 'round the corner, but there weren't any takers. i hung out and chatted with people for a bit, but when eric messaged that the score was tied at 31, i took matters into my own hands. i took off for the pub, bellied up the bar (the only girl i might add) ordered myself a pint and a sandwich. fantastic last 5 minutes of the football game. loved it. like i said, sometime you have to take matters into your own hands.

my second interview went pretty well, i think. it was another 90 minute extravaganza of seeing the local high school, talking to another director and chatting again with the people i met last time. i still like what the organization is about. i could see myself there i think; i guess we'll see. they've got some thinking to do, and i've got some thinking to do. i should hear from them in a week or so. regardless of what happens, i'm still feeling pretty good about this whole job search process.

other posts about other stuff to come soon.

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Katie S Brown said...

GO COLTS!!! Oh man, amazing! Derek and I watched until half time (embarassing) and then had to go over to our buddy, Iaian Provan's, house for dinner. We thought for sure the Pats had won. Could not even believe it when we looked online when we got home. HECK YEAH BABY!!!!!

keep us posted on the job...I am antsy for you.