Thursday, January 25, 2007

whiling away the hours

back at the coffee shop. back to my old habits of procrastination under a deadline. i revel in it, and then when it gets to crunch time, i rue my poor self-discipline. though i would assert that procratinators can be very disciplined when they need to be. much like lazy people are terribly efficient because they don't like to expend more energy than necessary. or i am just rationalizing. it sounds pretty good though, don't it?

however, it does give me incentive to blog. i consider this to be my writing calisthenics before the actual heavy lifting. and i have some fun before i start to agonize over every word.

i think this is a "christian" coffee shop. at any rate, some dudes are praying out on the patio, i've seen someone reading "the divine conspiracy" and other people walking through holding books of a similar thread. perhaps christians just like to congregate here. if the owner does happen to be a christian, i give them props for not being cheesy or attempting to convert people through the decor. it's a nice place. of course, here in the burbs no coffee shop is open past 8, which kind of sucks.

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