Sunday, January 07, 2007

marge, this is so depressing. my only hope is this homemade prozac.

trying to keep up my blogging streak. by the by, blogger has been stupid lately and not let me post pictures. anyone else having this problem?

i think i'm mostly healthy now. just a lingering dry cough left over from this cold. it's pretty annoying. since i had that bad cold, i've been thinking about medicine since i spent that first day i was sick at the drugstore, staring at the huge array of cold medications. and then there were the countless brandname medication advertisements on tv during my law and order binge. to be totally honest, i watch A LOT of tv. i'm trying to cut back.

back to my original rant - now, don't assume i'm one of those people that tries to tough it out when i'm sick or that i have something against medicine. i thanked my lucky stars for the tylenol cold night formula. i appreciate the advances in science that prevent illness or get us through it. but do we expect it too much, do we depend on it too much? i saw an ad for a birth control and the main selling point was how terribly inconvenient having your period is, and this pill will shorten it so you can get on with your life. wtf? another slogan is "one step closer to a pain free world." i repeat, wtf?i don't want to live in a pain free world. pain is a part of living, it serves good purposes. add to that how the availability of medicine is as unevenly distributed as wealth in this country.

and that is my rant for today. also, i used the phrases "by the by" and "thank my lucky stars" i think i'm about 68 years old.

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