Thursday, January 04, 2007

hello, supernintendo chalmers!

the energy (in most cases done begrudgingly) with which everyone around me has jumped back into their routines has me antsy. i thought i was antsy during the fall, it turned out to mostly be the lingering confusing process of transition from one place to another. tough to live through, but necessary, and i continue to do so. i feel less stretched between two places, or even placeless. my spiritual director noticed in our last meeting that i am more "here" now. i suppose the visit to vancouver helped, and finding some jobs that resonated with me. needless to say, i'd like to start on the next season/phase/era/whatever of my life. i'm ready to stop gathering so much moss, though i'm sure the transition from lethargy to activity will be brutal.

today my youngest brother taught me how to drive stick shift. it's about high time i learned. it was only semi-traumatic. he's a good teacher. he's also 1) the only person in my family what wanted to teach me, and 2) the only person in my family that i could handle teaching me.

and only being a year or so behind the curve, i installed tiger on my computer. fun with widgets.

my tv show addiction grows. blast those marathons they've been showing over the holidays. now it's friday night lights. i think that takes care of every night of the week for me (like i said in the past entry, i've got no social life). i don't really know how to feel about this. ever since i've been driven inside and away from my outdoor reading chair, i've become less literate. lately, i've been bettering myself by reading wikipedia (last 3 entries read: Spider Man, Matisyahu and douglas coupland). but i do love my shows. try to take the from me and I WILL CUT YOU.

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