Saturday, January 13, 2007

we'll live like kings! damn hell ass kings!

the toilet in my bathroom has had a leak in it for a while now. the sound of water running from the tank into the bowl has been driving me crazy and i finally have done something about it. i replaced the flapper lid, a few days ago which helped. but it was still running. so then i replaced the fill valve and the whole ball mechanism. the process involved a few trips to ace hardware, dripping water from the tank onto the floor, a good bit of cursing, and cold dirty hands. but the final result is a silent toilet. i feel quite accomplished on this saturday evening.

a trip to the pub as a well earned reward should be in order, but a) i've not made the friends required for such an activity yet and b)sadly they don't seem to go in for that kind of thing here in the states as they do in the 'coov. drinking buddies: activate! ... form of a pitcher of sleeman's honey brown lager! and maybe some garlic fries. no, nachos. mmmm... nachos.

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Jen R. said...

hey lady,
drive that fancy new car of yours on out here and I'll buy you a pitcher!