Tuesday, January 09, 2007

autobots, roll out

tomorrow my honda fit rolls off the production line, supposedly. it can't come any sooner (estimated 1-3 weeks); my dad's car got stolen today. yeah, out of the company parking lot. where there are security guards. and the company is right near the city hall. what the hell?

anyway, he's got the company car in the meantime. my mom's got jury duty (which i take issue with - companies only pay for a certain amount of time a trial takes. it doesn't seem right that a person should suffer if they are in a lengthy case). the bro's got a temp job over in the south bay. (we've got a lot of cars - this is california) thus i am now stranded at home. not that i was planning to go anywhere; it's just nice to have the option. oh well. it'll be good to walk.

in other news, the place i interviewed at wants me to come back for another interview, presumably with the board of directors or some such people. don't yet know when that will be happening. interesting. my brother's friend pointed out that it is somewhat ironic that i'm applying to work with a youth employment program while i don't have a job. i told him to shut up. our friendship is like that.


Katie S Brown said...

oh good. I was hoping this might be a job update. Good to know. When is your second interview. Keep us up to date...I know you will :) Miss you!

jnh said...

You should have said "shut up I'm 30"