Friday, January 12, 2007

woohoo! four day weekend!

the pressure to blog everyday is starting to get to me. one cannot be witty and incisive all the time.

however, this is what i wondered today... i watch the gilmore girls reruns on the abc family channel (she's just started dating jess and he annoys me). their slogan is "a new kind of family." they run other shows such as full house and sister act and so on. yet this weekend, they are showing bridget jones' diary. what the hell? that's just super.

visited with my friends and their 17 month old son today. i'm trying to get him to like me; it'll take a bit of work. the last time i showed up at his house, his mom wasn't there and he freaked out (understandably). today, he seemed amused when i kept throwing stuffed animals at his head.

taking a month long sunday school class called "a christian approach to ethnic reconciliation, justice and community." sounds interesting. i'll let you know how it goes.

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