Wednesday, January 03, 2007

bowling for sandwiches

today held a few fine outings for me, the formerly housebound. i mean, being a sloth is okay when you have a choice about it, but cabin fever does set in when you are too sick to go anywhere. went bowling with my brother and his girlfriend. bowling alleys, like skating rinks (both of the roller and ice varieties), are like time capsules of 70s and 80s era decor. earth tones, garish decorations of giant bowling balls, hard space age looking plastic chairs, and so on. it is hideous and kitschy at the same time. at least our town bowling alley has become more kid friendly - i remember going in there when i was little (my mom was in a league for a while) and my eyes stung from the cigarette smoke. i'm a lot worse at real life bowling than the virtual bowling i'd played on the nintendo wii recently. reality is a bitch, but at least you get to wear cool looking bowling shoes (though they are rented, which is a significant loss of cool points). i bested my brother in two games, and now he owes me a panini from our favorite deli.

then a friend called unexpectedly. she is in town for a few days and called me immediately upon landing at the airport to get our old small group together for dinner. i'll have to admit that i was incredibly excited to have dinner plans (and to eat good real food again!), the social scene has been rather inactive as of late. it was good to share a table with some old friends, a pleasure that doesn't happen nearly enough anymore. that is certainly one of the things i miss most about my time in vancouver, making and eating meals together and enjoying the company. ordinary moments that are much cherished. so ordinary, that it is easily pushed aside and out of step with the rhythm that most people seem to live their lives here in this area. still trying to get used to that and wondering how to live differently and to connect with people.

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Lara said...

I wish we could eat together again, we did make some good meals where the guac flowed freely.