Saturday, January 06, 2007

family matters

this is what it's like having two brothers. happens every 15 minutes.

though i do have to confess that my youngest brother and i exchanged some punches at the rather nice restuarant we were dining at with my parents because he said he wouldn't share his dessert with me. my arm still hurts where he punched me. but i did land some blows off the back of his head, so we're even. the waitress laughed at us. this picture was taken right after our desserts arrived. the deliciousness of my creme brulee dulled the pain in my arm.


jnh said...

I'm still stuck on that salsa bar post from a few days ago. Happy New Year Aud! I did get one trip to the old Baja Fresh while in the USA. And one to Chipotle, the sorry excuse when they closed down the Baja in downtown Chicago....ugh.

mojo said...

chipotle is owned by mcdonalds.

come visit. taquerias aplenty here.