Monday, January 29, 2007

"There is no emoticon for what I am feeling!"

while i was visiting in vancouver way back in december, i caught up with many friends. our conversations caused me to think about the time spent since i've moved away from that great city. what i've been most thankful for is the church i have been attending. i wondered if i'd be able to find a place that had a perspective similar to regent. on more than one occasion i have conversed with christian friends, only to find myself on a different wavelength from them, if not at odds. to say the least, it is disorienting. others of the regent diaspora, holla if you hear me.

even so... i found it ironic that after working in a church, and spending 3 years studying theology and discussing the church and community blablabla ad nauseum... i have now actually been that person who just shows up for the service, and then leaves without talking to anyone. i really had no idea that IT IS SO EASY. well, at a large church, anyway. it does take a lot of intitiative to get connected and it is something i am still working on. starting with actually talking to people at church. the class i have been going to has helped. forcing myself to be extroverted and being pleasantly surprised with the conversations. making friends with friends of friends. this is a good community.

no news on the job yet. calling them tomorrow to follow up. trying to remain upbeat and maintain intertia.
in other news, i'm going to 4 weddings between march and june. one in march and one at the end of may and 2 in june. holy craziness. all shall be good times though. i'm looking forward to each of them.

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