Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hepped up on goofballs

usually when i drink my morning cup o' coffee, i feel pretty good.

sometimes though, the caffeine just hits me all wrong and i end up feeling anxious all day. couldn't seem to get anything done, beyond upload my resume at the staffing agency where my brother has been getting his freelancing gigs.

mostly i just tried not to freak out about life. took a walk and got started reading jayber crow - which seemed to help. i'm going to back off the caffeine for a little while though. cause days like this just don't feel good.


Katie S Brown said...

only one cure for the coffee jitters....drink more coffeee!!!

Dan Ray said...

I went off the coffee for a while but broke down today when I could barely keep my eyes open at my desk (see the bed story on my blog).

Anyway sometimes I feel like it's better to be off the juice. Hey did you hear that Dane is on Steriods now?