Saturday, June 02, 2007

another job possiblity?

today after finishing a phone call at work, i turned around and saw two of my managers looking at me thoughtfully. apparently, they are installing a new phone system at work, and they were wondering who would do the phone greeting. so... after an impromptu reading audition, when you call my particular place of employment (hereafter known as HPoE - the h is for hellish) on monday you will hear me cheerily listing the phone options. haha! it's 777-FILM next.

the odd thing is, i never really thought too much of my voice - never really liked it, that is. when i was growing up, people would mistake me for my mother, and in turn, my mother's higher voice would made people assume she was the child. a lot of the time i wouldn't be able to sing the higher girl parts of of songs. i'm an alto, my music teacher friend gleefully informed me upon meeting for the first time, "you have a low voice!" it took a little while for me to warm up to him after that initial introduction. so this thing tomorrow makes me laugh. guess i've just gotten used to it now. i'm learning not to think so ill of this ol' body of mine.

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