Thursday, June 28, 2007

kids these days

i am trying to come off nervous energy, drinking too much coffee earlier today, and my sugar high from eating greasy pizza for group dinner and a milkshake from the diner we went to after our first meeting. eating while hanging out will be a tricky road to navigate. i feel sick.

but on the whole, i feel good having met some kids and can now gauge the level of energy/group dynamic. the kids wanted to play capture the flag instead of ultimate frisbee, and i complied but then remembered that i hadn't played capture the flag in forever so i didn't know any of the rules. whoops. but they organized themselves for the most part, i stood back and laughed. i remember how tense i felt at my last go-round in youth ministry (my first stint), wanting everything to go smoothly, for everyone to be quiet, hoping that everyone would have a GREAT time. it's a wonder i didn't get an ulcer then (and, praise be to God, i still had a good time then, too). this time, i know when i'm starting to get worked up like that, and chill out. i can't believe i get paid to hang out with kids (again). looking forward to see how the my time at regent has changed how i approach youth ministry. for sure i don't feel like i have to compete to get kid's attention by entertaining them. and i have always enjoyed just relating to kids. when the future is settled a bit, i look forward to practicing hospitality with them in my home (wherever that is - definitely closer than the 30 minute commute i have presently). i look forward to having more in depth conversation once we know each other a little better.

gonna be a crazy summer!


Katie S Brown said...

awesome aud. glad it went well! it IS going to be a crazy summer.

jane said...

if you ever want to play "4 on a couch" with your youth group, Rochelle can remind you of those rules. We just played it at her 31st birthday party.