Saturday, June 23, 2007


my new boss asked me to write a blurb to introduce myself (btw, this new job allows me to quit my previous job which is such a relief, though i will no longer get a fat discount on food which is a little sad, but i'll live). now, i love writing, but doing things like this usually make me cringe. i guess it's the whole first impression thing. i don't want to come off overly pretentious/serious or the other end of being too goofy. so i just keep on shooting for the middle, and this is what i came up with... did i leave anything out? (responses referring to me being Chinese do NOT count)

I'm very excited to get the chance to serve! I look forward to getting to know you this summer and having some fun. My own high school youth group experience was vital in forming who I am and my faith and it has been amazing to be able to witness
God at work in the lives of youth. I grew up in the Bay Area and love it here. The previous three years spent in Vancouver, Canada were rich in studying theology but short in eating quality Mexican food.
Three things I like: donuts, the Oakland A's, and ultimate frisbee.
Three things i don't like: damp socks, renewal limits on library books, and overly friendly sports mascots (stemming from semi-traumatic experiences with my college mascot at George Washington University and the A's elephant Stomper).
~end of blurb~

i just figured out why i've been in such a good mood. i mean there's the new job and all that - it's happened so fast that it has hardly sunken in yet - or the fact that the youth pastor will be gone for all of july, leaving me the newbie to keep things running which no doubt shall stress me out shortly. but mostly i believe i am still basking in the glow of having spent time with old friends at both of these weddings. a reminder of things you have learned together, or angst over similar concerns (in a good way), and that you are not alone in your perspective. i'm still learning the ways in which my time at Regent has spiritually formed me, and it has been good to be with people again who are in that journey too.

my horde of relatives is in town. the wedding was last night, and it was super fun. everyone is coming over for a barbecue later today. i am stealing some quiet time right now. more later.

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Annalese said...

hey, congrats on your new job!