Tuesday, June 12, 2007

like sand through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives

tired. didn't set my alarm clock last night, so i got woken up by my manager calling me on the phone. man,i forgot that feeling of instant wakefulness on realizing you'd overslept. it was the worst when i was on the crew team in college, it was so early then and you knew there were 8 other boatmates that were pissed off at you. at least with this job i'm able to brush my teeth before i head out the door - with crew that didn't seem like an option. so i was a bit off kilter the whole day. had to have the place spit-shined for the high muckety mucks to have their meetings - it was a bad day to have a late start, i was stressed out.

at the end of my shift i bought a bottle of wine to take to my last memoir writing class. (wine during theology classes may have made things more comprehensible to me, in hindsight. maybe not) i was surprised at how sad i was at the end of our class. writing memoirs together lets you get to know each other pretty well. they are a fascinating bunch, i hope some of the stories actually make it into print. hopefully, we'll keep writing together to keep each other motivated. plus they're offering another round of writing classes in the fall. if i have the funds, i might just take another class, or even this one again.

this is one more plug for you to read this book, Jesus Land . my memoir teacher wrote this. it's beautifully written and haunting, one of the few books that has lingered with me long after i was done reading it. even though the story is far different from my own experiences, i was fully drawn into each scene, in both emotional and sensory ways. i read it during the course of one late night (i didn't want to put it down) an the next bleary afternoon. besides being an excellent story, i have to add that the cover design is by far one of my favorites. it is styled after the green notebook she found after her brother david's death in a car accident. in it, he had begun to write down his experiences growing up in rural indiana. the cover even has his notes and doodles scrawled on it.

after reading her story, i wondered how a person can go through so much pain and hardship - especially at the hands of family and other supposed caregivers, in the name of christianity and end up to be so kind and well-adjusted and living a full life. and her parents, or other fundamentalists christians can spend their lives studying the bible live shrunken lives sucked of all joy and miss seeing the beauty of other people for all the rules they are breaking. i mean, did they get a different edition of the bible than i did? just some tired meanderings of mine.

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