Monday, June 11, 2007

shooting for the middle

i haven't written in a while. you'd think with a new computer, i'd be writing more. but how much do you want to hear about HOW COOL MY MACBOOK IS? exactly. you already know it is cool.

nothing of especial interest is going on. life is happening. i work a lot. it has gotten on to tolerable there. i have gotten into a groove and also know what people to avoid talking to. i sleep when i can. closing one night and then opening the next morning makes me look and feel haggard. hence, no photobook pictures. sometimes i see my friends.

i'm finishing up my memoir writing class this week. i'm very glad i took it. i've learned a lot and gotten valuable feedback from the class. people have fascinating stories. i'm kind of sad that it's ending. but i hope to maintain a discipline of writing.

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