Wednesday, June 06, 2007


so i'm having tons of fun playing with my newfangled macbook. still figuring out all the cool stuff it can do. while i've been sitting on the couch, the tv has been on in the background (bad habit). when i looked up at the screen, i realized that some girl that i went to high school with has some bit part on the show "traveler." her other cinematic credits include a herpes commercial, the film "deuce bigalow: male gigolo", and "she's all that". it's always kind of surreal to see her on tv.
traveler is a rather outlandish show. two guys running from the law - reminds me of "the fugitive." the two guys pass through new haven connecticut and have to go to the library at yale. which really is koerner library at UBC, where i spent a lot of time while i was studying at regent. i remember watching "battlestar galactica" filming outside the library and i sat there all afternoon waching them instead of working on my paper. i also saw "smallville" filming outside there on a rainy day. it's funny to see bits of vancouver on tv.

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