Tuesday, September 05, 2006

bobbling heads

it's frank thomas bobblehead night at the a's game. my brother is going, but i have to go to class. lame!
i was invited to go to the game tomorrow, which is a dollar dog wednesday. mmm... cheap hot dogs. wait, ew. but i'm still going to eat them because they're cheap.

suffering a lot of angst about driving everywhere. the chocolate factory appears to be in great need of barristas, as the manager asked me to come in for a try-out on thursday, whatever that means. i don't know if being able to say i work at a chocolate factory is really worth the driving. i will hazard the public transportation though. in such a car saturated culture, the public transportation tends to be neglected. i'll give it a try.

apparently my people who know people in the publishing world have passed my name on to even more people. perhaps one of these days i will actually get a solid lead. in the mean time i will enjoy my items i just picked up from the library: step into liquid - a surfing movie, and christ plays in ten thousand places by eugene peterson. and that's how we do theology in california. speaking of which, i need to rename my blog. we all knew this day would come but it is sad nonetheless.


Sara said...

It is really sad.. I'm feeling pangs of grief over the border. Maybe you should make a list like you did for your writing... let us vote!

I start school today, Aud. I'll be in touch soon. Some visiting friends just left.

Dan Ray said...

May I suggest,

"The Canadian Diaspora"

- dan.

Katie S Brown said...

I want to see a list! I like lists! I will help you choose...alas.
And by the way, a lot has happened for you in one day. 2 days ago you were thinking of applying for the barista job and then the next day you have an interview. Two days ago all the peeps who know the other peeps weren't talking and the next day all the peeps are up talking again. Whoa man! Way to go! Miss you :(