Saturday, September 02, 2006

if they don't win, it's a shame

another day, another a's game.

this time i went with my pal ashley. next to my brothers, i've seen most a's games with her. good times. there are a lot of thing i miss about vancouver, but this isn't one of them - i absolutely love being able to see pro baseball on a regular basis again. the a's lost today though - stupid orioles. since it was a day game and i wasn't freezing to death like i was the night before, i partook of a summer baseball staple - malted ice cream. note the wooden spoon - necessary for the authentic flavor experience. i know, i only take pictures of food and drink now. there a few things that feel more summery than kicking back in a stadium seat, with the sun shining down as you eat a chocolate malt and root root root for the home team. let's go oakland!

however, i may need to detox now after 2 days of stadium food. whatever, it was worth it. happy fatterday from me to you.

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