Monday, September 04, 2006


a law of inertia: an object at rest tends to stay at rest.

especially when said object is me - i didn't leave the house today. but my copy editing class starts tomorrow. and i'm going to go see about a barrista job at a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. i mean, hello! a CHOCOLATE FACTORY! it's some old well known local brand; and there's a really nice cafe that serves lunch and dinner. here's hoping all that time i spent trying to pour a damn rosetta leaf at the well pay off. i've been craving chocolate lately.

the job search sputters along. the people who know people who know people haven't really panned out. time work on the inertia. i don't know though. while this time is hard, i am finding it valuable also. i'm still figuring out how my time at regent has changed me (something i suspect will continue to unfold and take on more meaning as time passes) and i feel lucky to have time to make decisions about how my life will take shape as i move forward. and about that future life? a priority is having a pub to walk to and lift a few pints with friends. because i really miss that.

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