Tuesday, September 19, 2006

creativity: it's like squeezing water from rocks

i just chugged a pepsi beause i was having a caffeine withdrawal headache. now i will probably have a caffeine induced headache. you can't win.

well... i have editing class tonight. and i still haven't done my homework, which is true to my study habits. i have to confess that i'm not totally sold on this copyediting-as-a-career thing. perhaps it's that my teacher is less than dynamic. perhaps it is that we are in the most decrepit depressing classroom on the berkeley campus. perhaps it's that i took a bit of a beating on my first editing test and my pride is stung. perhaps this stuff is more exicting in actual practice than in description (say, like explaining each editing symbol). or perhaps i am discovering that i need more of an avenue to be creative than this particular job.

i finally read sleeping with bread. (hat tip to bw for telling me about the book). so i am trying to be attentive to what is life-giving and what is life-draining and why this is the case - hence the previous paragraph. it has been helpful in this whole limbo time. also, my life coach is helping me to visualize my goals and priorities; she is encouraging my to day dream about jobs i would like to have; which i think has never really happened before. yes, i have a life coach. she's quite good. i am also meeting with a spiritual director; she's also quite good. both have been former teachers of mine; i respect them both a great deal. i am glad to have voices of guidance and wisdom at this time.

my brother is moved in to his place in san diego ("which is german for a whale's vagina.") and about to start school. i am quite jealous (not about the school part), as i am in my old room in my parent's house which is still partly a storage room. it is frustrating not to have my own space in the way that i would like it to be.

next post: with photos! i promise!

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Dan Ray said...

i want a life coach