Saturday, September 16, 2006

life is a highway, and i hate it

sitting in a car for 9 hours sucks my will to live. back in san diego, this time to drop off the youngest brother for the fall quarter at ucsd. kind of wierd, i've never had to do this before, being the oldest and all. i did the first things first. anyway, the weather has been strangely reminiscent of vancouver, being in the 70s when it really should be in the 90s. convert that to celsius yourselves, people. i'm in america now and don't have to do or care about that kind of thing. my other brother and i, still being jobless, are plotting how to become youtube celebrities or how to create some kind of internet rumor/phenomenon. that kind of thing could pass for a resume builder in these crazy days. wish us luck, and that our rickety well-used old cars get us to where we need to go.


Katie S Brown said...

Vancouver? 70? Nooo.....50 and rainy that's Vancouver :( Oh where did summer go?!?! Miss you in the circle (of life).

nate said...

that's the coolest title for a post I think i've ever seen. Yeah, Katie's right. It's down to somethingsomething celcius now, and the graydrizzle season has begun. Come visit! (Okay seriously, come visit)