Wednesday, September 20, 2006

my thursday nights are booked

my new addiction. it's not very often that a show can make me laugh and cry from one moment to the next. yes, i have choked up watching this show; i am a sap. i have a crush on all of the characters.

but like jeff wrote, if you call me tomorrow, don't expect an answer.


Katie S Brown said...

Everyone just RAVES about this show. What's the deal? What's so great about it? Does it beat out Veronica Mars??? No...never...I don't think so :) I haven't let myself watch even one episode of Grey's but I think my sister owns the seasoons, so maybe one day, maybe one day.

Lara said...

Ok so no, it's not a good as Veronica Mars but dang! Dempsy is totally hot. He was hotter when I didn't know he was married but what can a girl do? Also George is adorable. Should I call you after it's over here Audrey? We'll still have one hour to talk about it. :)

Dan Ray said...


Lara, YOU are also married and your husband is hot. I'm not sure what you're complaining about.

Kudos to the veronica mars props. Now that is a good show. I'm sure that Grey's is good, but is it as good as house? C'mon.

- dan.

Jane said...


that was a GREAT blog. I love Grey's Anatomy!

Annie said...

I love this show too!!!! OH my gosh Audrey, this is so cool. I can't wait to watch it together!

Jen R. said...

please no more addictions... I just finished the second season of Veronica Mars and had to tell the video clerk it was for my little sister.