Tuesday, September 19, 2006

people i like

a few friends celebrated birthdays recently. wish i could've been around to join the festivities for such cool people. why can't we all live on the same street in the same town anymore?

sara is now 29 years of age. sara enjoys donuts (boston cremes rule!) and mysterious german tonics but hates exercising in direct sunlight. she'll kick your ass in a game of "name that 80's sitcom theme song."

at 6'4", dave is exactly 12 inches taller than me. he likes banana-flavored liquer, singing in bars with blind piano players and drinkin' beer before systematic c class. he's got 29 years under his belt.

stevie likes using overly large appliances, "billy jean" by michael jackson and wearing flesh-toned shorts. he makes wicked good soup. i believe steve is 28.

i did not make up any of these facts. glad to know people like these, makes life far more interesting. happy belated birthday! this special post is in lieu of birthday presents, by the way. you can thank me later.


katie b said...

that was soooooo cute audrey! i love your blog!! We miss you (:

Katie S Brown said...

whoa...who's Katie B??? I thought it was me. Anyway...flesh coloured shorts...sick! Can't wait to see what you write about me when it's my birthday. Damn...I've got like 9 months of waiting ahead of me.

Sara said...

hilarious. birthday week was busy. just catching up. thanks for making me 'bigtime'. love you, aud.